• Digital Trade: Opportunities, Challenges and a Roadmap for Driving Long-Term Growth

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Software-driven products and services like cloud computing and data analytics are transforming the global economy. We need to modernize trade rules to capture maximum benefit from this innovation.

This report highlights the benefits that flow from robust digital trade, catalogues a new wave of non-traditional market barriers targeting IT, and provides a roadmap for stopping this digital protectionism and driving growth.

BSA's Digital Trade Agenda

To spur trade in digital age products and services, BSA outlines a three part agenda:

Modernize Trade Rules to Enable Digital Commerce
  • Ensure data can flow across borders with few restrictions.
  • Cover current and future innovative services.
Promote Technology Innovation
  • Provide robust intellectual property protections.
  • Promote market-led, globally adopted technology standards and minimally burdensome technical regulations.
Create Level Playing Fields
  • Open up government procurement.
  • Keep state-owned enterprises on a level playing field.
  • Expand the Information Technology Agreement.

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A World of Opportunity

A key indicator of the digital economy's growth potential is the proliferation of information and communications technologies (ICT), which now account for nearly $3.7 trillion in annual spending globally. To capture the full benefit of this digitization, we need a comprehensive agenda to modernize outmoded trade rules in ways that enable electronic commerce, promote technology innovation and create level playing fields.